3 Ways to Grow Your Business – by SEO PHOENIX

3 Ways to Grow Your Business – by SEO PHOENIX



Additional Ways to Grow Your Business by SEO Phoenix

1. Attract new customers.

2. Get your customers to spend more money.

3. Get your customers to buy more frequently.

How is this done? Let’s view measures you can take to implement each of the points above.
Attract New Customers with A Small Front End Product. SEO Phoenix can help with this.
Getting more people to purchase your products increases your bottom line. It also provides you with more leads for your bigger sales, which can be a goldmine in the long run. Here are several ideas for attracting new customers:

Sell an inexpensive product first or give it away. Mentally when you get a customer to pull a small amount out of their pocket … more than likely they will continue to pull out a big amount of their pocket for the next item.
Increase your offer by giving the customer more for their purchase. An example would be a gift-with-purchase. Give something extra with their purchase.
Increase your product’s perceived value by educating potential customers about it. If a potential customer finds more value in your product than the similar one sold by a competitor, he’s sure to buy your product over the competitors.
Offer your current customers a bonus for referring new customers. This could be in the form of a discount, special product offer or monetary compensation.
Partner with another company and have them solicit their customers on your behalf. This is different from purchasing another company’s list to solicit. When a company touts your product to their customers, people they already have a relationship with, those customers are much more likely to make a purchase from you.
Try new forms of marketing, check out SEOPhoenix.com. If you consistently use telemarketing as your method to reach potential customers, try running a magazine ad to reach beyond your telemarketing efforts.
Get Your Customers to Spend More Money (SEO Phoenix can design this for you)
The more your customer spends, the more you make on each sale. It’s simple math. So how do you do it?

Master the art of up-selling. Offer your customers a must-have complementary product while they’re still on the phone. When added to each sale, your income potential rises significantly.
Raise your price. Though not something you want to regularly do, raising your price even just a bit, whether it is the shipping and handling fees or the price of the product itself, can become a valuable asset to increasing your bottom line.
Create product tiers in SEOPhoenix.com. If you’re selling soap, offer a larger quantity bottle. If you’re selling information, create a package that incorporates everything for a higher, yet “special” price. If priced correctly, your customer will spend more and you’ll make more without cutting into your overhead.

Get Your Customers to Buy More Frequently
This goes back to continuity sales. The more often a customer purchases your product, the more you’ve extended the lifetime value of that customer. Here are some tips for getting customers to buy from you more frequently:

Create a killer product. This will allow you to sell and re-sell to them. The better the product the more they will come back.
Program customers to buy from you on a regular basis. This can be a consumable product, a monthly membership / auto-ship, or anything that makes for assured repeat business.
Offer incentives for repeat business. Whether it’s a free gift or a discount off their next purchase, customers love incentives.
Partner with another company and solicit your customers on their behalf. In this scenario you would expose your customers to another company’s product and share in the revenue generated.

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